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A sensory space to inspire

Wide eyes, little smiling faces and great anticipation greeted our Crane Operator, Glenn ‘Snappa’ Shore, and Operations Manager, Tom Kelly at Ocean Grove Primary School today. The day had finally come to install a specially designed shipping container containing a sensory wonderland for students with additional sensory needs.

Last year, staff at Ocean Grove Primary School were successful in obtaining a grant to add this important addition to their school facilities.

A sensory room is designed to combine a range of activities and items to assist students in developing and engaging their senses, in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Principal, Scott McCumber, said “We were very excited to receive a grant to design and install a space to specifically meet the needs of some of our students”.

“The room will contain a variety of sensory experiences including things such as lights, colours, sounds and different textures so students can play, build, touch and explore”.

Identifying students with learning challenges and developing a range of strategies to support students to overcome those challenges has been a passionate focus for Ocean Grove Primary School.

When the shipping container first arrived last week, there was an unexpected hiccup. Scott explained “Unfortunately, when the room was first delivered, the crane we had to lift it didn’t have enough capacity. Using my contacts, I got in touch with Associated Rigging. Kieran (Managing Director), Glenn and Tom were keen to help out”.

“At no cost, the boys came down with their crane and placed it in the exact spot it needed to be. The Electrician followed shortly after, finishing off the electrical work”.

“The kids’ faces were priceless. One of our students who is usually very introverted and quiet, came alive at the sight of the crane. His eyes almost popped out of his head. He couldn’t stop talking which was fantastic to see. I think it triggered something in him and I hope that excitement for cranes continues. Maybe one day he can become a Crane Operator!”.

The Associated Rigging crew left site smiling from ear to ear. Snappa said “I felt privileged to be involved in such an important moment for the school. It was fantastic to be able to help out in this way”.

Tom added, “The experience was very meaningful. It was great to help someone out who is facing additional challenges. It was nice to be able to do something for somebody who is so deserving”.

The Mens’ Shed is set to finish work on the room. The organisation is a great initiative that provides practical support, specialised services and resources to the community. They will line the space and add the additional finishing touches, ready for the students to enjoy.

We thank Ocean Grove Primary School for letting us be a part of such an important initiative.

Associated Rigging Sensory Space Lift
Associated Rigging Sensory Space Lift
Associated Rigging Sensory Space Lift


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