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Associated Rigging Australia Franna Dry Hire

Dry Hire 

Our crane hire services in Geelong and Melbourne offer dry hire options, tailored to your needs, without long-term commitments


Cost savings

  • Primary benefit of dry hiring a mobile crane from Associated Rigging in Geelong.

  • Responsibility for providing the operator rests with the hirer.

  • Significant cost reduction in crane hire.

  • Especially advantageous for firms with in-house crane operators.


Control over scheduling & operations

  • Dry hiring allows companies greater control over scheduling and operation.

  • Enhanced management of crane availability.

  • Reduction of downtime by ensuring the crane is utilized efficiently.


Flexibility in crane selection

  • Dry hiring provides greater flexibility in crane selection.

  • Companies can choose a specific crane type without a long-term rental commitment.

  • Selection based on job requirements, reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Improved operational efficiency

  • Companies can select a crane with the appropriate size and lifting capacity.

  • Job-specific crane choices enhance efficiency.

  • Optimal scheduling and reduced downtime contribute to improved operational efficiency.

Our Dry Hire Fleet

Dry Hire Fleet
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