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Crane Hire Lift Plans

Utilising cutting-edge CAD technology, we deliver professional Lift Plans for crane lifting operations. We meticulously evaluate each lift before commencement, ensuring comprehensive consideration of safety factors. Our Lift Plans incorporate crane and rigging data, planning every aspect of the lift in advance. Our commitment is to complete each job safely, within budget, and on time, relieving concerns in complex lifting operations.

A Lift Study is a proactive measure to avoid delays and eliminate uncertainties. Every lift requires careful consideration to determine the suitable crane and rigging gear. Whether your lift is in a complex worksite or involves a large load, our seasoned team can create the optimal plan for your project's success. Crane hire in Geelong & Melbourne has never been safer.







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Why have a Lift Plan?


We ensure safe, on-budget, and timely job completion, alleviating concerns in intricate lifting operations. Crafting a detailed lift plan, ensures safe and efficient operations with minimal risk. This essential step identifies hazards, minimises costs, and ensures compliance, optimising efficiency, and reducing liability in crane lift operations.



A well-designed lift plan can improve the efficiency of lifting operations. By carefully considering factors such as the location of the load, the type of crane to be used, and the position of the crane, the lift can be executed with maximum efficiency, reducing the amount of time and effort required to complete the job.


A lift plan can help to reduce costs by identifying potential risks and avoiding delays or accidents that can result in expensive repairs or legal claims. By carefully planning the lift, you can also reduce the amount of time required for the job, which can translate into cost savings.


Lifting operations with heavy loads can be complex and hazardous. A detailed lift plan identifies potential risks like power lines, obstacles, or unstable ground, enabling the implementation of appropriate measures to ensure safety. Following the plan promotes collaborative and safe work on the job site.

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