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Associated Rigging proud to take part in hay run

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Associated Rigging were proud to come together with MCG Cranes, Brent Young Cranes, Gravity Rigging and McKay United to deliver some much needed relief to our farmers. The brains behind the operation, Gabe Clingin from MCG, joined forces with Glenn Martin who reached out to others in the industry to take part.

Our long time employee Glenn (Snappa) Shore, along with his good friend Ross Stephenson from MCG (formally an employee of Associated Rigging), headed up the highway in a long convoy with plenty of hay on board.

Glenn and Ross delivered hay to farmer Julie who was very grateful for the contribution. Sadly, during the long drought, Julie lost 385 head of cattle. There are only 85 cattle remaining on her property. To add insult to injury, her paddocks were badly damaged by fire in the recent bushfires, destroying her hay shed and taking with it the little remaining hay she had left.

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