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COVID-19 ICU expansion underway

The unfolding COVID-19 crisis has seen unprecedented action across the globe to try and control the impact of the virus. By staying at home, Victorian’s have bought our health system precious time to prepare for the virus peak.

The Victorian Government recently announced funding to create 300 new spaces for intensive care beds at The Alfred, Monash Health and Austin Hospital. This will be the biggest expansion of ICU capacity in Victoria’s history.

Associated Rigging have been working hard to help fast track development of a new section of the Monash Medical Centre’s emergency department. This section will be set aside entirely for COVID-19 patients. The new development will see their current 50 ICU bed capacity increased to between 150-200 ICU beds.

Associated Rigging would like to sincerely thank our essential services workers for their tireless efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities.


Associated Rigging working on Monash ICU Unit

Associated Rigging working on ICU Expansion at Monash

Associated Rigging working on the ICU Expansion at Monash

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