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Dry Hire

Geelong & Melbourne
Crane Hire

Flexibility and cost saving benefits serving a wide range of industries

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Dry hire offers greater flexibility so you can choose the right crane without the long-term commitment.

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One of the primary benefits of dry hiring a mobile crane from Associated Rigging in Geelong is cost savings. When a crane is dry hired, the hirer is responsible for providing their own operator, which can significantly reduce the cost of hiring a crane. This is particularly advantageous for construction firms or companies with in-house crane operators who have the expertise and resources to operate a crane safely.

Dry hiring a mobile crane also provides greater flexibility. Companies can choose the specific type of crane they need for a particular job, without having to commit to a long-term rental agreement. This means they can select a crane with the appropriate size and lifting capacity for the job at hand, which can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

With a dry hired mobile crane, companies can also reduce downtime as they have greater control over the scheduling and operation of the crane. This means they can ensure that the crane is available when needed and that it is not sitting idle when it could be used for other purposes.

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