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Riggers & Dogman

When you hire a mobile crane from us, you can rest assured that you'll receive a great service every time. 

At Associated Rigging we believe that successful companies are built on great employees, which is why we only hire qualified, bright, and experienced people. Our overall lifting solution includes the services of fully trained and experienced Riggers and Dogmen. ​​ 


During crane lifts, our Riggers and Dogmen play a very important role and are specially trained to work in high-risk situations.


Besides identifying lifting points, they inspect slings and direct crane movements in a safe and efficient manner. 


Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out how our specialised staff can benefit your project.

So what's the difference between a Rigger and a Dogman?




A Dogman (also known as a Dogger) is a member of our crane crew who has specialised skills.


It is their responsibility to accurately sling and lead loads carried by cranes. While on the ground, they communicate with the Crane Operator using radios, hand signals, and whistles. As a result, any blind spots encountered by the Crane Operator can be covered and lifting operations can be safely coordinated.

All Dogman at Associated Rigging are fully trained, experienced, and licenced. 



The Riggers at our company specialise in lifting techniques such as steel erection, concrete panel erection, structural steel work, and dual lifts.


In addition to what a Dogman can do, they have training to perform more complex tasks according to the type of Rigger's license they possess. 

Among the tasks they are responsible for are examining the equipment, using safety harnesses when needed, preparing rigging equipment, and managing hazards. 

Our Riggers are licensed, skilled, and have a wealth of experience in a variety of lifting techniques.

Steel Panel Erection - Riggers & Dogman
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