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Associated Rigging Champions Diversity in the Workplace

Associated Rigging has remained committed to fostering inclusivity within their organisation, recognising the value of a diverse workforce in driving innovation and productivity.

Mark Hoare, the company's HSEQ Manager, explained their approach, which involves working with non-profit organisations who are focused on enhancing opportunities through education, training and employment pathways.

“To realise our diversity goals, we have established partnerships with non-profit organisations dedicated to removing employment barriers for often overlooked individuals. This has opened up a new pool of individuals with unique strengths”.

One such partnership is with the GROW21 program, facilitated by the Give Where You Live Foundation, aiming to address disadvantage in Geelong regions.

Recently, Associated Rigging sought to further their diversity goals by recruiting for a Vehicle Detailer and Tradesperson’s Assistant position, with a focus on individuals facing barriers to employment. With support from Grow21, Associated Rigging collaborated with Northern Futures, resulting in the recruitment of enthusiastic candidates Ryan and Jack, who displayed dedication and promise. Impressed by their potential contributions, Associated Rigging welcomed both Ryan and Jack into their team, appreciating the unique strengths they bring.

Bryan from Northern Futures expressed gratitude for the opportunity provided by Associated Rigging, emphasising the importance of such initiatives in supporting individuals in their employment journey.

“To see the smiles on the faces of Jack and Ryan for their first opportunity in employment is immeasurable. Without the support of a valued industry partner like Associated Rigging, who is prepared to give people opportunities, is something more industries should take a lead on. We thank Associated Rigging for the valuable support they give to Northern Futures”.

Ryan getting stuck into it

Originally from the UK, Ryan began his journey with the Northern Futures program to acquire new trade skills and gain valuable work experience. Born prematurely at just 28 weeks, Ryan's miraculous survival story is a testament to his resilience. Despite facing additional challenges during his childhood, Ryan, now 23, has been waiting for this chance to excel.

“I love being on the team. Everyone's been really friendly, and I'm having a great time with my work.”, said Ryan. “This is a great opportunity for me to be a valued part of the workforce”.

At the age of 18, Jack embarked on his journey with the Northern Futures program, eager to acquire the skills necessary to kickstart his career. Despite facing challenges with ADHD during his school years, Jack persevered. Building on his previous training in civil engineering, he turned to Northern Futures

Jack enjoying work at Associated Rigging

to carve out a brighter future and completed a course in carpentry.

“Being part of Associated Rigging feels like being part of a community. I'm really happy to be welcomed into it” said Jack. “I feel supported and I’m enjoying the work”.

Under the direction and supervision of the Mechanics, Ryan and Jack have seamlessly integrated into Associated Rigging, bringing with them enthusiasm and positivity. As Vehicle Detailer and Tradesperson’s Assistants, they exhibit a commitment to excellence, diligently carrying out their duties helping to ensure Associated Rigging’s fleet of cranes and vehicles maintain their renowned standards of reliability, presentation, and safety.

Darcy Hoare, Associated Rigging’s General Manager, emphasised their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, stating “A little while ago, we decided to fully embrace diversity and inclusivity by implementing our Social Procurement Strategy. This decision has not only enriched our workforce but has also contributed to the professional growth of our employees. I believe investing in employees' professional growth is essential for everyone to reach their full potential”.


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