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Lift Supervisors

A large part of what sets us apart from other crane hire companies is the highly skilled Lift Supervisors we employ. 

With Associated Rigging, you get certified, licensed and experienced Lift Supervisors.


In accordance with a Lift Study tailored specifically to your project, they coordinate and supervise all lifting activities. 


They take precautions to control risks and follow safe lifting procedures before beginning a project. Crane management from a safety perspective is therefore made easier and potential hazards are identified and managed.

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Our Lift Supervisors carefully examine crane charts, inspect and maintain our cranes and equipment, and supervise our crane crews. They ensure that ground conditions are safe for any lifting operation to be performed before the job even commences, so you know you're in safe hands. 

Call us today to discuss how our Lift Supervisors can add value to your project to ensure industry and safety standards are met.

Lift Supervisors Crane Hire - Associated Rigging
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