Crane Hire Spotters

Everything we do at Associated Rigging is geared towards providing our customers with a unique and safe lifting service.

We have the right staff to ensure each project is a success. Our Spotters are a critical element of site safety and provide our projects with an added level of protection. Associated Rigging's fully qualified Spotters make sure that workers, equipment, and the worksite are kept safe and equipment does not get damaged. 

The role of the Spotter comes with several important responsibilities, starting with remaining visible to truck and equipment operators when they are moving. Spotters must be aware of their surroundings and should never walk into the path of a vehicle, moving equipment, or a swinging load. They need to scan the ground to become aware of any trip or fall hazards.

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In situations where crews are working around overhead structures, steel columns, or performing tasks in tight spaces, including being in the vicinity of dangerous equipment or terrain, our Spotters serve as an extra set of eyes for drivers, equipment operators, and individual workers on a worksite. They work to spot any issues that arise, such as a load coming too close to obstacles on-site, and work quickly with the crane crew to rectify any dangers and avoid near misses.

When you utilise our crane hire services, you will know you are in safe hands.

Call us today to discuss how our Spotters can ensure your project is carried out safely.