At Associated Rigging, we don't take any chances when it comes to safety.


Our Engineers offer expert Lift Studies to carefully plan for crane hire lifting operations, using the latest CAD technology. They are familiar with all types of cranes, are experienced and trained. Each lift we manage is carefully evaluated to ensure all safety considerations are addressed before work begins.

Our Lift Studies are a compilation of crane and rigging data with all aspects of the lift pre-designed. They take the worry out of intricate lifting operations to ensure each project is carried out safely, to budget and within project deadlines.


A Lift Study can prevent delays and eliminate the guess work. Every lift needs to be carefully considered to ensure the right crane and appropriate rigging gear is used for complex projects.

Whether your lift is on a complex worksite or the load is large, our experienced Engineers can provide the right Plan to make your project a success. Crane hire in Geelong & Melbourne has never been safer.

Lift Plan Associated Rigging
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The following factors are carefully considered when preparing your Lift Plan:  

  • Crane design, make and model to be used 

  • Crane setup and operation

  • Rigging equipment, technique and configuration 

  • Outrigger point loads

  • Load requirements, including load factors 

  • Radius and capacity of crane

  • Ground conditions, including ground type

  • Wind speed and other weather conditions 

  • Roles, responsibilities, and qualification of personnel

  • Other site specific considerations 

Lift Study Technology